About The Bike Warehouse

The Bike Warehouse Edinburgh, brand new, low cost, economy motor scooters & motorcycles for sale. Some “half the price” of a “Vespa”.

The Bike Warehouse is now a Division of Carrick Motorcycles, Edinburgh. Customers may be assured of an even greater level of service and expertise, now that we are part of a much larger company, with over 40 years experience.

The Bike Warehouse was established to supply quality scooters and motorcycles, to the budget conscious rider, without compromising on engineering excellence. A growing range of various makes and models, from 50cc to 250cc will be in stock, ready for immediate delivery. See other pages for details of our range.

The Bike Warehouse 
A Division of Carrick Motorcycles
2 Abbey Lane, Abbeyhill,
Edinburgh, EH8 8HH,
Scotland, UK
Telephone: 0131 555 2575

The Bike Warehouse “On The Road” Prices include Suppliers Delivery Costs, Number Plate, Fuel & Taxes !

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